Self-Improvement During the Quarantine

It does not matter where you may be in the world, we have all had our lifestyles altered in some aspect recently. With so much fear and focus on the negative, we had to actively search for moments of quiet and attempt to focus on some self-improvement during the quarantine. Whether it was a temporary adjustment or a permanent one, the recent COVID-19 pandemic may have raised some difficult questions. If I lose my job, how can I pay my bills? I just started my business, what can I do to get back on track? Do I truly want to return to the same situation I was in?

In South Florida our stay at home order lasted approximately two months. Many people chose to binge on Netflix, while watching their waistbands expand from emotional eating.

But many others made a conscious choice to use this down time to eliminate bad habits, replacing them with new and productive ones. Bicyclists, walkers, and joggers increased in our neighborhoods. Families spent more time playing board games and eating dinner together. By adjusting our normal day-to-day activities, we were forced to slow down whether we wanted to or not.

What path did you take during this time? Did you begin to learn a new language? Or spend more time in the garden? Did you read a book on a subject you are unfamiliar with? We have experienced an unprecedented event in our lives. Hopefully many of us will come out on the other side as new and improved versions of ourselves.

What is interesting, is that so many people claim they never have enough time to do ______.
When you were finally given that time, were those tasks or goals checked off the list?

If not, maybe time isn’t really the issue. If the desire to change or accomplish something is great enough, the obstacles can be overcome. But without action, nothing will change. Are you ready to see where action can take you?

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